Team Registration

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1. That I have read and correctly understood the interpretation of The ECB DCDC Regulations and CODE OF CONDUCT and shall at all times abide by the ECB DCDC Regulations. I also declare that I shall always direct my team to play in the true spirit of the game and accept sanctions if any on any Player of my team including myself as per the ECB DCDC CODE OF CONDUCT.

2. That I shall ensure that my team will not under any circumstances participate in any Disapproved Cricket event/tournament which is not authorized and defined as an activity of the Emirates Cricket Board or any other Regional Cricket Council in the UAE.

3. That I shall abide by any cricket activity related contractual obligations made between my team and Players or any third party sponsors. I shall also cooperate with ECB and any other Regional Council to fulfill the contractual obligations of the Emirates Cricket Board or Regional Council contracts with any other party. I also agree that the interest of ECB and Regional Council shall take the first precedence in case of conflict of interest between my team’s commitments or sponsorship conflict between my sponsors and ECB /Regional Council Sponsors.

4. I declare that I have NOT REGISTERED my Team in any Regional Council in the UAE for the season 2017 /2018