Tournament Approval

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(please read before submitting the form)

1. Private Tournament organizers shall submit applications and seek approval for every tournament. One approval shall be valid for one Tournament only.

2. The required tournament approval fees shall be paid along with the applications as per the following schedule:
Category            3 - 8 teams         9 - 16 teams            17 & Above
Seniors               5000                     7500                     10,000
Inter Univ          2000                    3000                       4000
U 19                     1000                     1500                        2000
U 16                      1000                    1500                        2000
U 13                          0                        1000                        1500

3. Applications for approval shall be submitted minimum one week before the scheduled start of tournaments and shall be processed within 3 working days from
the date of receipt of completed forms.

4. Tournament shall be conducted as per ECB DCDC Regulations and ECD Code of Conduct

5. All Matches shall be umpired by AJCC Council Umpires only and Umpires fees must be paid in advance along with the Approval fees at the rate of AED 80 per match per umpire.

6. It is mandatory to accept only ECB registered Teams and ECB Registered Players as per the attached formats. It shall be the responsibility of Tournament organizer to coordinate with AJCC Official to register teams and players before granting them entry in the tournament.

7. Tournament Organizers will be required to provide evidence of registration before the draws of the tournament and only registered teams shall be included in the draws. AJCC council official shall attend the draws and ensure full compliance.

8. Approval will be withdrawn if any unregistered teams have been found to be included in the tournament draws and fixtures.

9. AJCC Council Representative, at the discretion of the Council shall attend the prize giving ceremonies.

10. Tournament Organizers to provide total access and co-operation to AJCC Council
officials during matches and various stages of the tournament for the purpose of ensuring compliance in accordance with ECB DCDC rules and regulations.

11. Tournament Organizer shall clearly display AJCC Council Tournament approval Form on the Grounds and make it available for inspection on demand by either Team owners or AJCC Council Officials.

12. Tournament Organizer shall provide daily match score sheets and tournament statistics to AJCC Council Official. All data shall be uploaded on the AJCC Council website.

13. All Press and media Release shall have the opening sentence wording as “ This Tournament is under the patronage of H.H Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi and as approved by the Ajman Cricket Council. The Tournament is played as per the ECB DCDC regulations and in compliance to ECB Code of “Conduct“.